The Rabin Exhibition is a trip through history that follows the narrative of Israel's history and society along side the story of Rabin's life.


This thought provoking journey creates a rich and complex picture of Israeli society.  Designed to be an interactive learning experience, participants are guided through the exhibition containing five six-foot tall posters full of photographs, text, quotes, poems and videos, stopping along the way to discuss, ask, and interact with each other about the significance of Rabin's life and untimely death.

This Exhibition challenges students to examine how we as a society criticize and respect one another's viewpoints in a democratic manner. We will discuss freedom of speech in context of legality and ethics and the power of words.  By seeing how words are not isolated from the actions to which they lead, students will question how to responsibly express themselves in a democratic society and in their own personal lives.


For more information and to schedule this program for your school or group, call 323-653-6772