Camp Gilboa offers innovative no cost learning platforms, workshops and discussion sessions for youth, in topics ranging from Israel's complex story to issues facing today's American Jewry.


Our interactive activities, run by our experienced and engaging counselors, often involve art, poetry, music and video, and students participate in debates, games and exercises to highlight all sides of the issues being presented. 

From mobile exhibitions teaching about Yom Hazikaron and about Rabin's life and his influence on the formation of the infant State of Israel, to Yom Ha'atmaut celebration, to dynamic Israel Trip Preparation sessions, students will gain an understanding of the rich and complex Israeli society.

Our sessions such as "Jewish Involvement in the Civil Right Movement" encourage students to explore how their Jewish identity informs their opinions on matters of social justice and interactive sessions about Tu B'shvat encourage environmental stewardship and bring to life concepts such as conservation and sustainability.  By engaging students in the learning process, we encourage critical thinking and strive to awaken student's curiosity about their heritage, and shape their personal connection to the State of Israel.

We provide both pre-set workshops that examine contemporary issues and historical events and we custom create educational activities tailored to the specific curriculum needs of an event or organization (such as the youth programming for the Limmud conferences).  Our target audience is children grades 3-8.

Call for more information or to schedule our programs for your school or group 323-653-6772.