No one has a more listened to voice in promoting camp than a family like yours. Because you’ve entrusted the care of your children to Gilboa, you are making a statement to others who are considering doing the same. That’s why families who love Camp Gilboa and speak about it with friends and family are the best asset we have in recruiting new campers.

When you bring friends to camp, you have ownership in creating your children’s summer community by recruiting the families and children who will share it. You also have a unique opportunity to contribute to something you already believe in; getting kids to partake in a meaningful Jewish experience that strengthens their Jewish identity and sense of community. As an added benefit, any new camper you bring to camp means big discounts, and will make camp more affordable for your family.

Thank you for helping us get more kids to experience Camp Gilboa!

Bring a Friend Discounts:

1 new camper  = $100
2 new campers = $250
3 new campers = $400
4 new campers = $550
5 new campers = $700
6 new campers = $2000