Dalit Shlapobersky, Executive Director, is responsible for day to day operations of Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa, both in the city and at camp. Dalit oversees camp registration and all business affairs throughout the year, as well as works with the youth leadership to guarantee the well-being of campers and staff.

Dalit is committed to a profound program that will provide each child with the best camp experience possible. With her own children attending Camp Gilboa, Dalit is eager to assist parents in every way. She is available by phone or by email.

Executive Director is present at Summer Camp sessions and Seminars.


Year-Round Youth Leadership:

NorCal:                                                   SoCal:

Adam Paz (Rosh Eizor NorCal)                   Adi Shapira (Rosh Eizor SoCal)

Sid Oderberg (Rosh Bay Ken)                    Yahli Livni (Rosh LA Ken)

Shira Menter (Rosh SoBay Ken)                 Stav Geffner (Rosh SD/Irvine Ken)

Aaron Block                                             Ari Egar

Claire Godberg                                         Daniel Hannani

Ziv Bar-El                                                Connor Barattini

Ronnie Hecht                                           Timna Naim

Emma Regev                                           Tal Litwin

Eliza Smith                                              Ruby Beenhouwer

Natasha Marder                                       Soli Rachwal

Asher Albrecht                                         Orli Corcoran

Dylan Earp                                              Tal Shapira

                                                              Clara Epstein

                                                              Bella Mullen

                                                              Sophie McMullen

                                                              Shira Berdugo

         Becca Lieberman

         Carly Varkel

         Alex Naddor