Tochnit | Program

Gilboa is unique! Our campers are active participants throughout each day, shaping their own summer experience and the community as a whole. Inspired by the ideals of Israeli kibbutzim, Gilboa is a place where children work, play, sing, share and grow in a supportive, non-judgmental and healthy environment. Check out a typical Gilboa Day schedule.

A Community

Gilboa is a warm community where children feel at home, cared for and loved. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone is encouraged to be creative, express themselves and contribute to the community.

Experiential Learning

Learning is woven into the fabric of the camp experience. At Gilboa, creative activities and informal discussions about Jewish history and culture, social justice, Israel and Zionism foster a positive view and deeper understanding of our heritage.

Judaism & Shabbat

At Camp Gilboa children discover the joys of Judaism. Shabbat is a camp-wide experience that everyone shares in preparing. Campers write blessings, songs and special Shabbat skits, and a traditional Shabbat dinner is followed by singing and spirited Israeli dancing. Counselors guide campers in a Shabbat experience that is profound, original and intentional.

On Saturday, campers choose from a range of special Shabbat clubs, participate in discussion groups and leisure activities such as storytelling and hiking. Shabbat concludes with a Havdalah service followed by a campfire and talent show.

Sports & Outdoors

Gilboa campers enjoy a full range of guided recreation in a nurturing atmosphere. From archery to Zumba, activities include swimming, kayaking, hiking, scouting, soccer, gaga, volleyball and more. Nature hikes, designed according to age group, create strong, cooperative bonds.

Chugim | Clubs

Clubs geared toward campers' interests offer many avenues in which campers can shine. While chugim vary each summer, they often include arts and crafts, dance, drama, music, poetry, politics, Mad Science, magic and circus juggling.

Avodah | Work

Avodah (work) is a vital component of Gilboa's community-building experience. Each morning, campers and staff engage in a short project of their choice. Projects include gardening, woodworking, cooking, mural painting, path clearing and sanitation - still the most coveted work crew! With campers creating their own ideas, new projects surface each summer.

Ivrit | Hebrew

At Gilboa, Hebrew comes alive effortlessly through everyday experiences. Games, skits and songs reinforce the daily Hebrew camp vocabulary.

Kupa | Fund

Kupa (Communal Fund) empowers campers to share resources and make group decisions. Gilboa's alternative to the traditional camp canteen, kupa funds items such as toiletries, ice cream parties and a charitable donation (Tzedaka) at summer's end.

Kosher Kitchen

Camp Gilboa follows kashrut dietary laws and offers vegetarian options. Our professional staff prepares delicious, healthy meals and snacks and is trained to accommodate most food allergies (contact us for details).

Health & Safety

The health and safety of campers are our foremost priorities. A full-time, onsite nurse or paramedic oversees a well-equipped infirmary. Staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR, and at least one staff member is a licensed EMT.

All counselors live with their assigned campers, who are grouped according to age and gender. All camp facilities are cleaned daily, and laundry service is provided regularly.