On November 20, 2010 we celebrated the 75th anniversary
of Habonim-Dror in a Habonim-Dror/Ameinu 75th Event

It was a wonderful evening !
300 of our closest Habo & Ameinu friends and about 80 current chanichim & madrichim got together for an evening of schmoozing, speeches, slideshows, singing and dancing to honor Adar Belinkoff, Janet Farber, Ronnie Cohen, and Seth Brysk, and to raise $$ to purchase a permanent home for Gilboa.

75th Event Anniversary Tribute Journal
Gilboa Memory Book - November 2010
Slide Show 1930s-40s
Slide Show 1950s-60s
Slide Show 1970s-80s
Slide Show 1990s-2000s
Gilboa Summer Camp 2009 Picture-Video
Zak's Speech

Here are the pictures from the event! Enjoy!
Table Pictures
The Kids
Singing and Dancing

Check out more pictures and meet more Gilboa and Habonim-Dror alumni
at the 75-Event Facegroup page

Register as alum here




What an incredible evening the 75th Habonim Dror anniversary was! 300 people from every generation of Habonim Dror came back to see their friends and remember what a powerful and meaningful experience Habonim had been for them.


Isn’t it exciting to see Habonim Dror is thriving in California again?


Fifteen years ago, after a decade of inactivity, Camp Gilboa was revived. And now, we have achieved a strong and sustainable Gilboa community. 

We are filling our rented campsite year after year, and are experiencing an exciting burst of energy and growth that is deeply gratifying, but also requires a lot of effort to maintain and grow.


Right now, there are dozens of amazing, idealistic young adults who have been lucky enough to have grown up spending their summers at Gilboa.  They are now ready to pass on the magic to the next generation of creative, wonderful kids committed to social justice and Israel, who will then pass down these Habonim values and traditions to their chanichim.


We are reaching out to you, our alumni and friends, to support Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa, to make sure that it will be around for many more years. To allow a new generation to have the powerful sense of community and ruach. 

Please send a donation to sustain our movement activities, to provide scholarships to camp and to help us build our capital campaign to purchase a permanent site for Camp Gilboa.


While all contributions are appreciated, we hope you will take this opportunity to make a significant donation. This is the time for you to give back and make a meaningful difference for a camp that made such a difference for you.  Please give as generously as you can.


B’shalom  Aleh V’Hagshem



Liz Bar-El                                                                                Norm Kane


Former Chair - Camp Gilboa Camp Committee                         Former Chair – Habonim Camp Kvutza